A winter's fairytale

This is the time of the year were Norwegians are "på ski". The shorter days don't matter then as you are so knackered in the evening that you only want to fall into bed. 

Apart from the cross-country treks in Saurdalen and Vetlefjorden you can also do the proper downhill  ski in Sogndal or Voss.  Myrkdalen in Voss has recently been refurbished and Sogndal has two ski resorts who give fantastic powder snow ski experiences off the standard trek.

We have tried the snow shoe hiking and can only more than recommend it. However, do not go on your own but find somebody who knows the region.   It is not the easiest thing but very much rewarding with a lot of fun going back down.

If you are not the active type, you may enjoy the view with a gløgg or a hot tea. The bright snowy landscape was not without reason the inspiration for Disney's "Frozen" success. 



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