I am Katharina, born in a small town in the north of the former East Germany and moved to Balestrand in May 2015.


By chance my former partner and I found in 2011 an advert online to buy a house at  Sværefjorden / Balestrand. How could we have anticipated that this would change both our lives completely. The very moment I arrived in the "Balestrand kommune" I was captivated by it and have since then not lost our passion for it. 


I was blessed with so many positive experiences and a strong feeling of community that we want to spread the word for this magical place Balestrand as best as we can, here in the UK, in Germany and via all social and media platforms worldwide. Balestrand of Norway was born.


With this website I now want to  give something back to the people and the community I live in in order to help local businesses reach a wider audience, fill the many beautiful holiday homes in the region, share ideas and pictures, bring families, friends and people from all over the world to Balestrand. But ,more than anything, I want to let people know that Balestrand has so much more to offer than you might think.


The majestic nature and panoramas will take your breath away, the people will make you smile, the water will make you want to drink it the whole day through, the air will freak out your nostrils and the silence will make you never want to have it any different again. Any rainy day is suddenly forgotten as soon as one sunbeam breaks the cloud and makes the fjord sparkle and the mountains shine in the most amazing colours.


I hope that some of my pictures may be able to visualise this and that you may be inspired by this website to want to  see and feel it all yourself.  



+47 4004 63 79


Katharina Esch 

Torsnes 15B

6899 Balestrand