Adventure Balestrand

Besides the many hiking paths, cycling tours, fishing trips and the many day trips towards Flåm, Bergen, Førde or Sogndal you can also just sit on the Sognefjord and admire the indescribable beauty of the fjords. Or you can visit the art gallery in Balestrand, you look at ancient Viking grave mounds or go into the aquarium


Ideas about the many things that you can do we want to show you here. 


Outdoor activities where you are burning one or the other calorie like: hiking, skiing, fishing, swimming (for the brave), jogging, cycling, ... the region is an outdoor paradise. So, we can recommend to enjoy not only the view, but wander into it,  up on it and pass it with your bike. You will not regret it because around every corner and with every change in the weather there is a whole new perspective opening up. 


Do not forget to always have the camera with you.

The many hiking trails in and around Balestrand invite you to get the dust off your hiking boots. So off you go. In winter with snowshoes and in the rest of the year with a few sandwiches and water in your backpack you are ready to hike Balestrand's Tjuatoten or the famous waterfall path.


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