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Balestrand is a place where you are expected to be outside. All year round in every season you can experience the outdoors in every possible manner you can imagine.

Cycle Hire & Guided Cycle Tours

Have you ever thought about it, how nice it would be to explore the fjords of Norway by bicycle? In Balestrand it is possible. If you go to the tourist office in the centre, next to the Joker supermarket, you will already be welcomed by the many bicycles in the front. Otherwise, you can also directly contact Amanda from Bike and Hike Balestrand contact. Not many cars are there on the fjord roads, and the steep hills around Balestrand only start with Gaularfjell. Lots to explore! 



Gone Paddling

Herdla Fort

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Gaularfjell Waterfall Path

You reach the Gaularfjell if you continue driving from Balestrand in the direction of Forde. At the Dragsvik roundabout you keep on with to the left. You can walk along beautiful streams or even the famous waterfallpath.

Balestrand Adventure


Guided RIB-BOAT tours on the Sognefjord. We aim to give our costumers the best way to enjoy the fjord and nature as possible.

Welcome on board and enjoy the trip! 




Tel:+47 47 85 53 23


Go Paddling Balestrand

Kayak Tours starting directlyby the harbour in Balestrand. Let the team of gone paddling take you out on a trip across our beautiful fjord. And, if you already know how to kayak, you can also easily rent a kayak from Gone Paddling.


The dry suits are just waiting for you. 




Gone Paddling

Herdla Fort

5315 Herdla



Phone: +4798220810




+47 4004 63 79