Fjord Landscapes

If there is something in and around Balestrand that makes your heart beat faster it is the inexplicable beauty of the Sognefjord landscape. Mountains towering out of crystal clear, mirror like fjords that are as tall as the skies. Sunrises that make the laziest people want to get up early and just watch the day begin.


There is a reason why you come back relaxed after a holiday in Balestrand here as the place will not only slow you down but makes you focus your sins and maybe even bring you closer to nature than you were before. The only thing that restricts you, is you. So come and enjoy a boat trip to watch some little porpoises, hike up some mountains, explore the landscape and rent a bike. This place will stay with you. We promise.


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Katharina Esch 

Torsnes 15B

6899 Balestrand