Balestrand Farms


It lies safely in the middle of Vetlefjord valley in Balestrand in Sogn og Fjordane.In the 19th century garden was an active dairy farm. But like many other farms it was closed.

For the first time in many years the barn is now filled with; 

25 cattle, with 55 large and small 55 sheeps.

The hens have a separate small little house. The Mini Pig mother Dora and her children lie out there for sale.

And then there is Zenta - the Grey Elkhound and baby of her daddy :) also an approved tracking dog.

And of course newcomer Stella, the star of the Rendedal farm:) Rabbits and 4 Musk Ducks Quack satisfied in the yard. 


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Our vision: Naustvoll Gard will be the animal kingdom farm where it is a pleasure to be. 

The idea is to use the farm's resources and expertise of Arne and Anne-Brit, to be a special residence to groups of people who need something other than the usual school or workplace. 

Our strength lies in our feeling for animals as well as in the knowledge and experience in the interaction between animals and humans. 

Anne-Brit is also working as a teacher. Both Arne and Anne-Brit have a college education in "Garden as an educational resource for learning." 

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+47 4004 63 79


Katharina Esch 

Torsnes 15B

6899 Balestrand