By staying in Balestrand you are in the centre of everything from skiing resorts, glaciers hiking, stave churches, world heritage sites or even Bergen (express boat there goes daily) are in closest distance. There are Vik's and Lærdal's stave churches in short driving distance and the most famous one lies just behind Sogndal: Urnes stave church by Lusterfjorden.

Voss with its famous ski resort i and Extreme Sport Week is on the other fjord side. You will need to drive the most stunning drive through Vikafjell to get to it, but it is more than worth is. More often than not you will find snow there even in June!

And on the way you will drive through Vik. Apart from its stave church, this place is famous for its Vikja river, its gamalost which is a very special type of cheese (oh, and its software business Highsoft- but that is just a tiny site note) The fishes in the river, that we mean: salmon. So, if you are lucky, you can catch your own salmon for dinner. Not a bad idea we think. Oh, and if you like cheese by the way, try out this amazing receipe we found the other day. Delicious!!


The Jotunheimen National Park with the massive Jostedal Glacier is about 1,5hrs away.  We promise you, that you won't forget a glacier hike in your lifetime. So tick the box if you are round.


Oh, and the Flåm Railway, the Glacier Museum in the  Fjærlandsfjord or the world heritage of Næroyfjorden are just a few miles away and Gaularfjell along the famous Tourist Route start just outside of Balestrand.


Not enough? Well, we probably have missed a few things, but have a look at some of our tours. Unfortunately we have yet not been able to explore everything. So, stay tuned in as more pictures are to follow!


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