Day Trips from Balestrand

Balestrand is itself a beautiful region and has many things to offer. But also it is close to famous attractions like the Jostedal glacier, the Vik Stave Church, Flåm and the Flåmbanen or the Ski-Resorts in Voss or Sogndal. 

The Expressboat takes you every day towards Bergen and back, so you won't get bored. We promise!

Glacier Tour Nigardsbreen with Icetroll

Ever wanted to kayak to a glacier and climb it with some proper crampons? Here you can do it. Only 1,5 hrs away behind Sogndal (don't cross the bridge but turn left before) you will be guided by the guys from Icetroll towards an amazing experience!

Get in touch with them to find out more:

Salmon fishing in Vik

One of the best rivers for fishing a real Norwegian salmon is very clos to Balestrand - in Vik. To do this you need a fishing license. This you gets from Morten ( 0047 90108631). It is important that you get in touch with him early enough as Morten only has a certain number of licenses issued per day. Morten has everything in his shop you need to catch a big one and a 20h license costs NOK 250 in the upper river areas. Children pay half and allowed to fish in the river mouth. Your fishing rod you can also borrow from Morten. So, good catch! 

Here is a link to Vikja fish blog with current fishing photos.

Vik - Flåm - Lærdaltunnel - Sogndal

You start your round trip with the ferry in Dragsvik and drive towards Vangsnes. In this case, you do not take the first stop of the ferry, but the second. You then end up in Vangsnes and drive through Vik, pass the Stave Church on your right and drive over the famous Vikafjell as if you would driv to Voss. At the roundabout at the Riksvei 13 meets with the E16, you turn left towards Oslo and Vinje. You then arrive after a while at the Nærøyfjorden. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (as well as Bergen's Bryggen) and awaits you with spectacular views. The Flåm Railway is one of the most famous tourist attractions, so expect a few more people with you in the train.

Bergen via Expressboat

In the morning at 7:50 (Monday - Saturday) or at 11:30 on Sunday you can jump onto the Ferry to Bergen and stroll a few hours in Bergen. There, there's a lot to explore. In the late afternoon you can then go back again. The ferry leaves and arrives directly from the fish market. 


Students and seniors are paying half price. Otherwise you can also buy a Fjord Ticket which you can use for several days and use the ferries as often as you like.


+47 4004 63 79


Katharina Esch 

Torsnes 15B

6899 Balestrand